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3RCertified is a points-based certification program that reviews how organizations manage solid waste reduction and diversion operations. It assesses all aspects of a building’s waste management program with emphasis on material reduction and diversion. The program recognizes excellence in waste operations, and can be further leveraged to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

How It Works

Applicants complete three online surveys that require qualitative and performance-based information, and undergo an on-site third-party evaluation to verify survey information.

Depending on the score achieved, an organization can acquire 3RCertified status at one of four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Eligible Building Types

  • Office Building
  • Retail Establishment (standalone store)
  • Retail Complex (enclosed and open-air centres; entertainment venues)
  • Industrial (manufacturing; warehouses; workshops)
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Restaurant (fast food; full-service)
  • Educational Establishment (K-12; university/college)
  • Hospitals


  • Waste reduction work plan, as per Ontario Regulations 102/94
  • Source separation program, as per Ontario Regulation 103/94
  • Completed waste audit in accordance with Recycling Council of Ontario’s Standard Waste Audit Method (SWAM)

How We Can Help

Waste Audit Canada has trained auditors with knowledge and experience to conduct a waste audit in accordance with SWAM, which includes auditing principles, sampling methods, benchmarking and data analysis, and accurate methods of measuring and reporting performance.

We can also assist you through the application process, and identify key areas to maximize. We also provide waste consulting on an on-going basis.