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We guarantee that our waste audits will meet and exceed the requirements of the Ministry of Ontario.

Our team is acutely aware of Ontario’s unique regulations, but extending beyond Ontario, we complete waste audits from coast to coast, across every major city in Canada.

Ontario Ministry of Environment Waste Audit Regulations:

As per Ontario Environmental Protection Act Regulations 102/94 and 103/94, all of the following facilities must have a source-separation recycling program and complete an annual waste audit.

  • Retail shopping establishments/complexes: 107,000 square feet+ (10,000 m2 or greater)
  • Office buildings: 107,000 square feet+ (10,000 m2 or greater)
  • Construction or demolition projects: 21,500 square feet+ (2,000 m2 or greater)
  • Restaurants: Annual gross sales $3 million+ 
  • Hotels or motels: 75+ units
  • Hospitals: Class A, B or F public hospitals
  • Educational institutions: Annual enrollment of 350+ students
  • Manufacturing facilities: Total employees hours of 16,000+ per month
  • Residential buildings: 6+ dwellings